Wicked Wednesday… Special Edition


I have always liked music. Unfortunately, I cannot play a tune to save my life. I am a horrible singer but as a mom you do what you have to do and it’s kind of fun. They don’t care that you are sooooo out of tune and you forget the words (or don’t know them). You can make words up as you go or fill-in with la la la’s or hmmm hmmm hmmm’s. It’s kind of freeing in a way. There is no judgement and they just love that “we are playing” music. Then of course, we also get to play with maracas, drums, plastic flutes, shakers and sesame street keyboards all while we dance around the house. Don’t get me started on dancing… oh boy.

I have so much awe for anyone who is musically inclined in any way. My grandpa was an amazing organ player- he played by ear. My brother sings and plays guitar, my husband plays drums, my father-in-law played accordion and my other brother and nephew play guitar and sing. WTF?! How did I end up with no and I mean none of the musical gene….arg! I actually feel a bit jealous.

For once, it would be nice to be able to belt out one of my favourite songs and not sound like a hyena or be on the dance floor and look like a graceful swan. I think I have been dancing once since my single days. What did I do when I was young and at the bars all the time? Ha… drink lots and didn’t care what people thought- just had fun with my friends. I definitely think I missed the music & rhythm gene.. .is there such a thing?

These days, with two little girlies, I don’t get much of a chance to listen to “my music”. My ears are filled with The Wiggles, Bobs and Lolo and Kid’s Compilations. I do try and sneak some of mine in there on occasion but it usually ends in “I don’t like that song”…sigh.

I used to go to so many concerts. My favourites were the outdoor events. There was nothing like the feeling you have standing in the massive crowd where everyone is singing the same song whether it be in the pouring rain or under the hottest sun. We were all there for one reason and that was too hear that one favourite song, or see that one favourite idol or hang with our group of friends. That feeling was incredible. I should have kept track of how many shows I have been to… it’s a lot. I probably could go back through my albums and figure it out (I’d kinda like to know)… maybe someday when I find extra time.

I have a lot of different musical preferences. Over time, genres have changed. When I was really young (pre-teen) I was so into American Graffiti. My grandpa gave me a record and I was hooked for many years. To this day, I love 50’s & 60’s music. My favourites being Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers and Elvis of course. I even have a folder on my ipod called “Jukebox”. This folder is the only exception to “my music” that the girls will listen too without complaining. As a matter of fact, Zoë’s favourite song is “Wicky Wacky” aka Pineapple Princess by Annette Funicello.

As a young, just-turned teen till mid teens I was a boy band follower (no judgements please). Yes, I loved New Kids on the Block. I did see them in concert a few times and fell for their good looks. It was the dance moves that did me in. Yes, I am a sucker for people that can dance.

Through the rest of my teens and early twenties I was into whatever was on the radio in the 90’s. I have to say, this was probably the best generation to grow up in with all the awesome music- Nirvana, Alice in Chains etc. etc. I am a huge Canadian music fan as well. The Hip, Tea Party (who are my favourite to see live), Our Lady Peace, Matt Mays… the list goes on.

The one thing about going to the huge outdoor festival is you actually get a chance to “rub shoulders” with the famous. They always had tents set up where you could get in line for autographs. I was always so excited but when I got up there, I never knew what to say. I have always been a shy person and not to comfortable in situations like that. It didn’t stop me though. I was not going to pass up an opportunity like that. It’s not everyday you get to meet someone famous, someone you see on t.v singing to thousands of fans, someone who is singing (just to you) it seems at times, someone who struts their stuff to make you scream with excitement or someone who fills your heart because you feel every word of that “one song”, someone who speaks to you through their “art” when they don’t even know you. I will not miss that opportunity. How can I? If it makes me happy and gives me joy to have that instant excitement even if for a minute of face-to face, why not? That memory, that pure joy, that excitement, that instant stays with me a lifetime. It is a good story… my story. I will take it….

So, in honour of my musical heroes I will dedicate my Wicked Wednesday… Special Edition posts to them. I have met a few artists over the years. They may have been around forever, they may have been starting out, or they are just amazing without all the hoopla attached. Music in my eyes is someone’s art, craft, passion, desire and with that… they (the person) and it (the music) deserves the recognition regardless of how famous they are, how much money they have or however many followers they have.  My non-musical self is in awe of those that are.

To start off my 1st Wicked Wednesday… Special Edition is going to be a band I met at an outdoor festival. I was so so excited to meet them. I lived in London, England for a year when I was 25 and this is when I started following them. When I got back home, I was surprised to see they were going to be at the event and even more ecstatic when I found out they were going to be in the “Meet & Greet” tent. The people I went with hadn’t heard of them. I dragged my sister-in-law along so she could take pictures for me. I will never forget when Kelly Jones (singer) of the Stereophonics said I “was cute”…. swoon. I was over the moon- pure joy and excitement for me. Can you see my happiness?


  Edgefest- Barrie, ON

September 6, 2003

I hope you enjoyed my post and look forward to my next Wicked Wednesday (hint: it’s St. Patty’s related and all about the Irish!)

Rock On people!


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