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As a mom, I try very hard to make sure my girls are learning to be polite and using their manners all the time. It is trying at times to say the least. I am pretty strict about sitting properly at the dinner table (knees down, facing forward etc.) and saying please and thank you. Now, as most parents know it is not always going to go how we want it too. I have a 3 year old and she definitely has a mind of her own. I have to enforce “politeness” so many times in a day… it really does get tiring. The thing that makes it all worthwhile is when you see them do something without asking. It melts your heart. I had a scenario the other day that made me feel so proud and I  secretly had to give myself a pat on the back.

The girls were watching cartoons and I called them for lunch. I told them to bring their milk (sippy cups) with them to the table. Of course, the 3 year old comes out with no milk (we really need to work on listening skills!). What came next, made me melt. The baby, Willow- who is just shy of 17 months, picked up a sippy cup, came to the kitchen, handed Zoë her milk, turned around and went back into the livingroom. She picked up her own milk and  headed to her chair for lunch. I was so in shock that she even understood all that. Moments like this just make your heart fill with so much joy! Zoë has always gotten Willow her milk out of the fridge when she goes for her own. I never told her to do it, it is just something she’s always done since Willow could drink out of cup. I told Zoë she was such a good big sister for showing Willow how to be polite and think of another person. We all did a little happy dance. Zoë was happy getting the recognition and praise of being a good teacher to Willow, Willow was just happy for her milk (hee hee) and I was just PROUD! Love my girls soooo much!

DSCL_0014 (1)

Photo Credit: Becky Einwechter at Pure Essence Professional Photography


About bnrboo

Hi! My name is Tina and I am an artsy-fartsy type with a love for all things colourful! I like to surround myself with things that make me happy and that includes my hubby G, and my two little angels, Z and W! I cannot forget my furry friends, Bonzo (the beagle) and my Bella Boo (tabby cat). I am a stay at home Mom for now who is always looking to do another project!

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