Menu Plan Monday- St. Patty’s Edition


Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!!!! I love celebrations and try to get in the spirit whenever I can. Having kids kind of allows you to get a bit more creative when planning things out. Creative + Party Celebrations= Fun Mom! And who doesn’t want to be a fun mom?! When I say “party celebrations”, I don’t mean all kinds of money spent, piñatas (but who doesn’t love them?), and tons of people. Kids are happy with a snack they like and maybe a balloon or party blower. That’s it! They don’t need/want a lot to make them happy. I know my 3 year old would think it’s a party if she had a balloon stuck to her chair. This week on the blog, I am going to feature a little bit o’ Irish everyday in my posts. Let’s start with my menu plan for the week. I have some fun meals planned for today in celebration of the Irish (yes, I am part Irish- my Great Grandparents on my dad’s side where from there). Hope you enjoy my Irish themed week. Sláinte!


Breakfast spinach muffins ( ), green scrambled eggs, shamrock toast

Lunch- grilled mozza cheese spinach wrap, shamrock shake ( )

Dinner Irish Cheese Fondue ( ), Ham

Snacks- green grapes, kiwi, cucumbers, celery

Tuesday- Pork Burgers/Salad/Veggie Stix

Wednesday– Sesame Pasta Chicken Salad/Hummus/Pita Chips/Veggie Stix

Thursday- Chili/Garlic Toast/Veggie Stix & Dip

Friday- Leftovers

Saturday- Salmon/Rice/Broccoli

Sunday- Veggie Burger/Carrot Fries/Pickles

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Belfast, Ireland March 17, 2000

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Belfast, Ireland
March 17, 2000

My "real" green beer!  Belfast, Ireland March 17, 2000

My “real” green beer!
Belfast, Ireland
March 17, 2000


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