Tuesday Travel Tidbit- Irish Style


In 1999, I was 25 and decided to quit my job, give up my apartment and sell some belongings to go backpacking in Europe. I didn’t know for how long but I was planning for a year (as that’s what my visa was for). My dad was so angry with me that he wouldn’t talk to me. Before I left, I actually moved in with my grandparents for a few months. I know now, that it was because he was worried sick about his little girl travelling alone for the first time. My older brother said I was “stupid” for giving up my job and apartment. My younger brother was supportive but passed on doing the trip with me. My mom was the only “real” supportive one. She was worried sick as well but I think she understood what I needed to do.

Everyone thought I wouldn’t “last”. I think that gave me the fuel to prove them wrong and the fuel for me to prove to myself that I could act outside the box. For a small town, shy girl… this was a HUGE step! I was scared stiff but ready for some change.  In that year, I seen so much, did so much, met so many people and experienced things I  never imagined possible. I’m so glad I did it and sometimes regret that I didn’t try for a second year.

Near the end of my travel year I visited Ireland. I wanted to be there for St. Patrick’s festivities so I did a backpacker tour to Southern and Northern Ireland. What a beautiful country! I wished I had spent a bit more time there.  Today’s travel tidbit is about “The Burren” in northwest County Clare, Ireland. It is an amazing place. It seems to go on forever and the vastness of the space just seems to give you that “peace” a soul craves. If you have the opportunity to go… GO! You won’t be disappointed. If you want more info, click away!http://www.theburrencentre.ie/ & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Burren

The Burren- March 14, 2000

The Burren- March 14, 2000

Hint…. Tomorrow’s post is probably my biggest Wicked Wednesday… Special Edition. They said “The Burren” was their favourite place. Any guesses who said this?


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  1. It must have taken a lot of courage to leave your home and travel! I’m glad you did, otherwise we would have never met. We didn’t travel nearly as much as you but I’m so glad we got to see some of the world before we settled down and had kids-now it’s tough to even get out to dinner.
    p.s. I know who said the Burren was their favorite place! 🙂

    • Thanks Sue! I feel the same about meeting you and Brian 🙂 Good times and good memories (more coming in tomorrow’s post). I hear you on the toughness of just getting out to dinner. I’m also glad we have kept in touch and hopefully we’ll meet up again in the future!

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