Wicked Wednesday… Special Edition


Today’s post is probably the biggest of my “Wicked Wednesday’s”. I still can’t believe and it’s 14 years later. It is definitely a day I will never forget. It was so unexpected and a perfect ending to my trip to Ireland.

Leading up to my trip to Ireland, I kept telling people I worked with that I wasn’t leaving until I met Bono. I was going during St. Patty’s festivities and it just so happened that U2 was getting a key to the city in Dublin and putting on a show while we would be there. Unfortunately, my tour wasn’t going to be in Dublin during this time. We would actually be in Northern Ireland during all this.

The night after the U2 concert, we got back into Dublin. The tour bus stopped at a pub for some drinks and I got talking to a girl who happened to be at the “Key to the City” event and she was saying how awesome it was. I was kind of  jealous that I missed it but couldn’t dismiss the good times we had while touring around Northern Ireland. Anyways, she happened to say that she had an extra ticket from the event and I asked her if I could have it as a souvenir. She said “sure”! If I couldn’t make it to the show, at least I have something from it.

The next evening was our last one in the city so a few of us decided to go out and celebrate. We had already planned to go to The Clarence Hotel (owned by Bono and The Edge) for drinks. It was a good time but with everything… it all had to come to an end. We would all be parting ways as soon as we left the hotel. My friend and I were heading out to catch a bus back to London. On our way out I was looking in my bag and all I heard was “Oh my God”. I looked up and almost threw up (sorry for the visual) but I literally was so shocked. Bono, yes Bono, Bono- lead singer of U2 was sitting in a chair in the lobby. I just happened to be with 2 of the biggest U2 fans ever and couldn’t believe my eyes. The bouncer moved forward as soon as we came back to reality and said we would have to go outside. We, of course said “then we won’t get to meet him”. As I just finished saying that- my friends were already in front of him, shaking hands. Thanks Brian and Sue! He was so down-to-earth. He sat there and talked to us for 10 minutes. He wanted to know how we met, where we had been and what we liked. He told us he used to ring the bells at the one church we had visited (and met one of the girls with us-Gina). My little hint from yesterday’s post about “The Burren” ends up being Bono’s favourite spot. We asked for a group photo and he said he didn’t really like pictures taken at the hotel. We were pretty persistent and I managed to get my camera in the bouncer’s hands (hee hee). I was just trying to get one photo of the whole group….awesome souvenir for us! He apologized for not standing (at first) as his legs hurt and we said that was fine. I got right in there and sat beside him on the arm of his chair. The bouncer took the pic and then everyone was running around with their cameras. I just decided to sit there in hopes I’d be in lots of pictures!!! The result is hilarious… you’ll see. I also got his autograph on my ticket that I had gotten as a souvenir the night before.

Once we left, I couldn’t wait to get back to London to get my film developed. I took it to the 1 hour shop. Disappointment all around. The bouncer must have pressed the button so the red-eye light came on and he must of thought it took. I didn’t. I had no group picture or proof we met him (for my co-workers). Or, was the bouncer trying to be sneaky…. hmmmm…

When I returned home, I had kept in touch with the two HUGE U2 fans. They ironically were from the States. We got talking about the U2 picture and I told them I didn’t get one. They in turn had said they got a few and I was in them! So, I have them to thank for my “proof”. I knew it was a good idea to sit on the arm of the chair! And the “positive thinking” before the trip, paid off as well.

Two of the biggest U2 fans ever!

Two of the biggest U2 fans ever!

Meeting Bono-Gina,Hannie,Brian,Bono,Tina

I know he doesn't look too pleased but look how HAPPY I am!

I know he doesn’t look too pleased but look how HAPPY I am!

My signed ticket!

My signed ticket!


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