Dream Team


This has been an incredible week! What started out as a “same-old, same-old week” has turned into an inspiring and EXCITING week. Last Saturday, I took the girls to a little concert where we got to meet Splash N’ Boots- fun fun. Mid-week we met an amazing person whom you will read about tomorrow. And today, was the icing on the cake.

I am not athletic at all so I appreciate anyone who is. I don’t usually watch any sports but when the Olympics roll around, I always love to watch the ice dancers/figure skating. They are beautiful to watch and I appreciate all the hard work they do to make a performance seem so graceful and magical. When the Socchi Olympics were on, I introduced the girlies to skating. We celebrated with “apple rings and pretzels” parties and waved our Canadian flags while wearing our Canadian t-shirts and/or white and red. Our favourites, of course were Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

They are amazing in our eyes. Zoë thought Tessa looked like a princess. Their hometown is right near mine, so when I saw they were doing public appearance,  I jumped at the chance to get tickets. I was so excited to tell Zoë we were going to meet them. She was so excited. Today, was the day- it was crazy! There were alot of people and I am thankful to my husband who tagged along to a “Women’s Lifestyle Show” just to take a picture for me. We had a good spot and after their Q & A we lined up for autographs. Just as I got up there the helpers said “no more pictures”. It was taking too long for them to get through the people. Oh dear…. I wanted a pic.

So, with 2 crazy little people with me , I asked politely if they would mind and they obliged. We got our picture and autographs. Thanks Scott & Tessa! Who can really resist the sweet faces of young babes anyways? They made an announcement on the way out that no more pictures were allowed. Whew! I am one happy Mama and I have one happy toddler and one baby who didn’t seem to know what was happening but was so good the whole time. Here are a few pics of us having our “apple rings and pretzels” party while watching Tessa & Scott on t.v as well as today’s meet n’ greet.

Apple Rings and Pretzel Olympic Party February 2014

Apple Rings and Pretzel Olympic Party
February 2014

DSC_0038 DSC_0039

Canada's Sweethearts Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir with us Ritu Girls March 22, 2014

Canada’s Sweethearts
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
with us Ritu Girls
March 22, 2014


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