Clara Hughes… Thank You


Last Wednesday, I pulled my 3 year old out of pre-school a little early. I wanted to take her and her sister on a little road trip to a nearby city. I know they are a little young to understand some things right now but I thought this was a great way to celebrate, support and have fun at the same time. I don’t think it’s ever too early to teach them the importance of support and caring and what a great role model is. I told my 3 year old we were going to “cheer on a girl who was doing a big bike ride across our country to help people that need it”.

The event was being held at a local Canadian Tire store so it was easy for us to get there. The event was Clara’s Big Ride. Six time Canadian Olympic Medalist, Clara Hughes is riding across Canada in 110 days (12,000 km) to promote mental health and break down the stigma it has attached to it.

The girls were all excited when we entered because they got some pretty cool blow-ups that they could wave around when she arrived and they had snacks and juice boxes which a 3 year old can’t pass up. As long as there is snacks-everyone is happy. Anyways, when she arrived- there was alot of excitement and I felt so much “awe” to be in the presence of someone so incredible. The dedication, the passion, the strength, the drive of one person is helping to make this world a better place. To me, that is simply “incredible”. Not only is she an Olympic athlete (which is amazing on it’s own), she is someone with so much spirit and that seems to radiate through her personality and her smile.

As a fellow Canadian, I want to congratulate Clara on her efforts and achievements and wish her the best for the rest of her journey. Stay safe my friend- you are an inspiration to all of us. Thank You for taking the time to meet us and for doing what you do. Your efforts are much appreciated. Please support Clara in any way you can… it’s important.



My little babe’s first time meeting a “Hero”



Clara and my most favourite girls in the world xo


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