Tuesday Travel Tidbit


Seems I am getting too far ahead. Mother Nature is still not done with us. I have already been dreaming of the beach, BBQ’s and warm weather. We have been getting some pretty warm days which has been nice not having to layer up in winter coats and boots. We had our first campfire the other night along with our first Smores’ of the season. We had our neighbours over to help us in welcoming spring. It did not last long as the rain came BUT it took the last remaining snow away with it! Love seeing the grass. This is what I woke up to this morning…


April 15, 2014

On to happier thoughts…

So, you know how I said last Thursday that we loved going to the beach in the winter? Well, we decided to take the girls! Technically, I know it is not winter anymore but it has been such a long one and we are finally able to see the grass. We have had a few “warm” days at about 14-15 degrees so it is making me have spring fever!

My hubby was on holidays last week, so one evening we decided to take a mini-roadtrip to the beach. It was awesome! The weather was amazing. I even had to shed a layer as I dressed us pretty warm thinking it would be colder by the lake. I was wrong. The lake still has alot of ice on it but it looked pretty neat with all the sand hills as well.

Our evening was filled with stone collecting, stick throwing, stick fishing, stone skimming, sand crawling, picture taking and playground playing. It was the perfect evening to get us in the mood for the warmer weather and we topped it off with timbits and a restful night sleep (as both kids slept soundly through the night). Ahhhh, come on summer!

beach Collage



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