Claps and Yahoo’s all around…


It has happened!

We have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for this day.

Babycakes has finally decided it’s more cool to walk than “scooch”. We were starting to worry a little as her 18 month mark is quickly approaching. She had no problems getting around. She “scooched” so fast that she could keep up no problem. The reason we were starting to worry was because her one leg looks as if it’s going sideways when she does walk. She had no problem holding our finger and walking but not enough confidence to let go.

I always said she is going to “run” instead when she actually gets going and I was right. She is running every time she goes.

I think things just may have gotten a bit busier… stay tuned!

Willow Walks


About bnrboo

Hi! My name is Tina and I am an artsy-fartsy type with a love for all things colourful! I like to surround myself with things that make me happy and that includes my hubby G, and my two little angels, Z and W! I cannot forget my furry friends, Bonzo (the beagle) and my Bella Boo (tabby cat). I am a stay at home Mom for now who is always looking to do another project!

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