Wicked Wednesday


Today is a bit of a different “Wicked Wednesday”. It is not a special edition (referring to a musical-type post). I had a very happy morning. My little lady is in pre-school right now and she will be starting full-time school in the fall. I had the opportunity to attend her “Mother’s Day Tea” in the classroom today along with my mom. It was MY first one.

I didn’t tell her that I would be coming early with her Nana to have snacks and iced tea. She was so excited to see us.  She presented me with a homemade card and a little plant (flowers that they had been growing in class for a little while now) and a big hug. She even said “Happy Mother’s Day”! It was so cute.

When we returned home, as I was making lunch, I got even more kisses and more “Happy Mother’s Day” greetings. She doesn’t quite get it yet but I will take it! She seems so grown-up all of a sudden and she is only 3. Love her to bits xoxo

Mother's Day Tea Collage



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