Throwback Thursday


UPDATE: Oh Lord! See how frazzled I am! I just realized tonight that I posted this Throwback Thursday on a Friday. Good Lord, I think I am losing my mind. “FUN” Friday will return next week. Sorry for the confusion.

I’m back! I apologize for not posting so much the last week or two! It has been nutso around here. We had some holidays, too many appointments and the kids have been driving me absolute bonkers! I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather or what but wow! I feel like I’m gonna rip my hair out… I hope it changes soon… they are tiring me out!

I’m not going back too far for this one but it is adorable. Last September, we attended a fundraiser event and they had a school bus there that the kids could get on and sit in the seats. Zoë was ecstatic to try it out… she didn’t want to get off.

Jump ahead 8 months and we just wrapped up a few “kindy” classes for her. She got to tour and play in her soon-to-be classroom, meet her classmates etc. and the last one she got to ride on the school bus around the block. Imagine her delight! Her face shows it all… pure joy and excitement. Kids are the best. It doesn’t take a lot to please them and the happiness in her face is so refreshing to me. Let’s hope it remains when she realizes I can’t go on the bus with her as well as go to school with her. I have been prepping her but we’ll see…

Bus Collage


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