Happy Birthday Little Brother!


I have two brothers. One older and one younger.

Matt (my younger brother) and I have always had that sibling rivalry. We are so much the same yet so different in other ways. Maybe it was because my older brother was out of the house when we were at “that” age.

We fought, I locked him out of the house, we had to share cars, we went to concerts together, his friends were my friends, I went to college- he visited, he went to college (same one as me)- I visited, I traveled and invited him along (he didn’t come) and now he kicks himself for not going with me, we both have a creative mind, I went to school for Interior Design and wished I went for Graphic Design, he went for Graphic Design and he has a wonderful knack for Interior Design, he is like my right arm… I wouldn’t know what to do without it, without him.

I found this poem and it gave me a giggle…


You and I

Are like bread and butter

Always stuck to

One another

You and I

Are like salt and pepper

Wherever we go

We are together

You and I

Can’t do without each other

We make the best pair

Of a brother and sister

Matt B-day

Happy Birthday Matt!

Love you,

Bean xoxo


About bnrboo

Hi! My name is Tina and I am an artsy-fartsy type with a love for all things colourful! I like to surround myself with things that make me happy and that includes my hubby G, and my two little angels, Z and W! I cannot forget my furry friends, Bonzo (the beagle) and my Bella Boo (tabby cat). I am a stay at home Mom for now who is always looking to do another project!

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