“FUN” Friday


BUCKET LIST – Challenge Completed!

This is a bit of a different “FUN” Friday post. It is typically my Bucket List but today’s entry will be that of an actual activity I can cross off my list! It may be a bit of an unexpected one. I grew up in a small town and we have a Lawn Bowling club. Whenever I was at the park, I would see it and all the “older” people bowling on the grass. I never thought much about it for a long time but in the back of my head I thought someday I might try it.

It came about a funny way. There was an ad in the local paper saying “Looking for players alive and barely alive”. The club was having an open house for members of the community to come and try it out. I cut it out and had it on my fridge for a long time. My brother and sister-in-law were over one day and noticed it. They said they were thinking about going for the open house too! So, that’s what we did.

It was a few weeks ago on a hot sunny afternoon that I could finally cross something off my mental bucket list. (I have only started writing it down now… on here). It was a fun afternoon, we all enjoyed it and who knows… maybe as the kids get older I may just join a league!


Givin’ it a go…




Two old fogies?




Bucket List Item… Lawn Bowling… Done!


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    • Ha Ha.. I know! It wasn’t even intentional. We didn’t realize until we got there and met up with Matt and Mandy that we noticed we all matched… fun fun! 🙂

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