“FUN” Friday


BUCKET LIST – Challenge Completed!

I always try to think about how I could make someone feel better when they are having a rough time. This next post is somewhat of a sombre subject as so many people go through it and so many families lose a loved one. I have lost a few. My title “FUN” Friday is not to make light of this serious disease. I have always had a thought in the back of my head to do this one day and it has finally come.

The only time I have ever had long hair was in highschool- Grade 12/13. I have very thick hair and it is curly. It has gotten curlier since I had my girls. I am not the type to do all kinds of “fussin” when it comes to my hair so I have had it mid-length the majority of my life (except those few brave times when I dared to go short). I still always prefer it just below my ears.

I decided to “give it a go” and grow my hair out with encouragement from my hairdresser. It has taken quite awhile to grow it to the length I have  it. That’s about as far as I can go. It mostly grows out, not down. It’s almost, if not the same length as in highschool.

hair donation collage1

I didn’t want my hair to go to waste when someone could benefit from it. I started looking into donating my hair somewhere that makes wigs for people with cancer. I found a few but unfortunately my hair wasn’t long enough and it didn’t meet the requirements they wanted. I kept searching and stumbled upon a company in BC  named 360 Hair that will accept hair with a 6″ minimum ponytail (where mine was slightly over) that makes real hair wigs and donates them to people with cancer. They are in partnership with Canada Cancer Society and Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

I lost a neighbour friend when I was really young to Cancer. I lost my Grandpa to Cancer. I lost an Aunt to Cancer and last year I lost my high school friend to Cancer. I wanted to do something apart from monetary donations. I know in the big scheme of things, this is a tiny thing but I hope in some small way my “pony” donation will give someone a little bit of joy on their journey.

hair donation collage

Hugs to all xxx


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