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BUCKET LIST – Challenge Completed!

I always try to think about how I could make someone feel better when they are having a rough time. This next post is somewhat of a sombre subject as so many people go through it and so many families lose a loved one. I have lost a few. My title “FUN” Friday is not to make light of this serious disease. I have always had a thought in the back of my head to do this one day and it has finally come.

The only time I have ever had long hair was in highschool- Grade 12/13. I have very thick hair and it is curly. It has gotten curlier since I had my girls. I am not the type to do all kinds of “fussin” when it comes to my hair so I have had it mid-length the majority of my life (except those few brave times when I dared to go short). I still always prefer it just below my ears.

I decided to “give it a go” and grow my hair out with encouragement from my hairdresser. It has taken quite awhile to grow it to the length I have  it. That’s about as far as I can go. It mostly grows out, not down. It’s almost, if not the same length as in highschool.

hair donation collage1

I didn’t want my hair to go to waste when someone could benefit from it. I started looking into donating my hair somewhere that makes wigs for people with cancer. I found a few but unfortunately my hair wasn’t long enough and it didn’t meet the requirements they wanted. I kept searching and stumbled upon a company in BC  named 360 Hair that will accept hair with a 6″ minimum ponytail (where mine was slightly over) that makes real hair wigs and donates them to people with cancer. They are in partnership with Canada Cancer Society and Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

I lost a neighbour friend when I was really young to Cancer. I lost my Grandpa to Cancer. I lost an Aunt to Cancer and last year I lost my high school friend to Cancer. I wanted to do something apart from monetary donations. I know in the big scheme of things, this is a tiny thing but I hope in some small way my “pony” donation will give someone a little bit of joy on their journey.

hair donation collage

Hugs to all xxx


“FUN” Friday



I have always wanted to go Whale Watching!

I am not too good on boats but it won’t stop me. There are some pretty amazing things to see on in the open ocean. Being in Canada, we have some amazing choices for Whale Watching. Check these articles out here and here. I don’t live somewhere where I can just go see them. I would have to leave the province but I am okay with that. I will do this… I know it!



I am not a very good swimmer. I can get by. I took lessons and learned how to swim but I don’t go too far from shore. I did almost drown in Mexico. I got caught in an undertoe and I will never forget the feeling of helplessness. I could feel the sand give way underneath my feet and I remember opening my eyes and all I could see was swirling sand. Fortunately, I got a break and could feel the sand underneath for a brief second and I got up. My friend’s boyfriend was already out to get me as he was a lifeguard and seen what happened. I got lucky that day.

So, when it comes to water activities I feel a bit skeptical and afraid but I have also had some amazing experiences just from going out of my comfort zone. This next story is one of them. I will never forget it. It was AMAZING! When George and I were on our honeymoon in New Zealand in 2006, we had a chance to take a boat tour (not one of my favourite things) and swim with the dolphins in Kaikoura. I could not pass this up! I love dolphins. George opted out (he’s not a strong swimmer either). I was so excited to do this until the day came and then the scary thoughts started happening. I won’t swim somewhere where I can’t see or touch the bottom but I am going to be in the middle of the ocean, who knows how deep? See where my train of thought was going? I was beginning to doubt myself and if I could actually do it. I had to wear a snorkel which I was not very good at and I didn’t know if I would be able to swim that much. It was a scary thing for me.

I did it though! We found a huge pod of dolphins and we pretty much jumped in the middle of them. They were swimming all around us. I remember the guide telling us to hum while in the water because they like that. I liked that! It kept my mind off of what I was so afraid of and enjoyed the whole thing. I even had a dolphin swim right in front of my face. I could have easily touched it but they told us to respect them as that was their environment and we shouldn’t do it. They are very fast! I had a fantastic time. I couldn’t keep up so good but I was proud that I didn’t drown and now I get to say I swam with the dolphins in the wide open ocean!


Trying to appear calm before jumping into the great big ocean

Trying to appear calm before jumping into the great big ocean

Can't back out now!

Can’t back out now!

Trying to keep up!

Trying to keep up!

We have dolphins!

We have dolphins!

Look at the beautiful scenery...

Look at the beautiful scenery…

And then a different look for the scenery...amazing!

And then a different look for the scenery…amazing!

This was my favourite shot. I took it once i got back on the boat to watch them swim away from us. Beautiful!

This was my favourite shot. I took it once i got back on the boat to watch them swim away from us. Beautiful!

“FUN” Friday


BUCKET LIST – Challenge Completed!

This is a bit of a different “FUN” Friday post. It is typically my Bucket List but today’s entry will be that of an actual activity I can cross off my list! It may be a bit of an unexpected one. I grew up in a small town and we have a Lawn Bowling club. Whenever I was at the park, I would see it and all the “older” people bowling on the grass. I never thought much about it for a long time but in the back of my head I thought someday I might try it.

It came about a funny way. There was an ad in the local paper saying “Looking for players alive and barely alive”. The club was having an open house for members of the community to come and try it out. I cut it out and had it on my fridge for a long time. My brother and sister-in-law were over one day and noticed it. They said they were thinking about going for the open house too! So, that’s what we did.

It was a few weeks ago on a hot sunny afternoon that I could finally cross something off my mental bucket list. (I have only started writing it down now… on here). It was a fun afternoon, we all enjoyed it and who knows… maybe as the kids get older I may just join a league!


Givin’ it a go…




Two old fogies?




Bucket List Item… Lawn Bowling… Done!




I am afraid of fire.

I never ever liked fire trucks as a kid.

The only way I get near an open flame these days is to roast marshmallows for my smores’.

That’s why this next bucket list item kind of scares me. It’s not just the fire but the only thing between you and the ground is a wicker basket!

I imagine it is beautiful up there. If it’s anything like the peace you feel when floating down from an airplane jump after your freefall, it would be worth it.

We discovered last Christmas that my daughter was frightened out of her mind by a hot air balloon in a Christmas parade. A local company had one of their balloon baskets in the back of their pick up and they were doing the fire thing along the way. She did not like it one bit and the rest of the parade was pretty much a write-off. I have never told her about my fear of fire so it was interesting to find out that she has one as well.

All the reason to do it, right? Face the fear. One day… as long as I can where a fire-retardant suit and a parachute?

Photo Credit: Apex Balloons

Photo Credit: Apex Balloons

I have been up in the air before with nothing but a beautiful coloured shute and a life jacket. I went Parasailing in Aruba. It was a 10 minute ride over the Caribbean Sea and beautiful Palm Beach. The scenery and peacefulness was awesome but I have to admit… I’m glad it was only 10 minutes. I was starting to feel a little “seasick” from the wind knocking me back and forth. I am so glad I did it though. I kept thinking to myself that this must be what it’s like to be a bird… it is a very ” free-ing” feeling.

Aruba- Palm Beach December 2, 2009

Aruba- Palm Beach
December 2, 2009


“FUN” Friday



I have always wanted to Bungee Jump. Yes, I would be scared sh****** but it’s the thrill. I am not an adrenaline junkie, I don’t go looking for crazy things to do everyday. Sometimes, I just need/want to do something different. I almost did it in New Zealand but our tour truck was acting up and I was the only one who wanted to do it, so we skipped by the site. I wish I had of did it. I still want to do it but now I have 2 little babies and priorities change so I’m not sure I could do it.  It’s still staying on my list… for further assessment.

All was not lost in the “crazy out of my mind” category while in New Zealand. I did do something just as crazy and it was awesome! I jumped out of a plane! I did it in one of the most amazing places on Earth.

I will never forget the feelings of sheer nervous-ness as the plane climbed to 12,000 ft above earth’s surface. It seemed to take so long. The scenery was incredible. I was flying over top Fox Glacier and the images will forever be engraved in my mind.

As I was hanging out of the side of the plane, I couldn’t help but think “am I really doing this”? I really didn’t have time to back out (I wouldn’t have anyway) but that free fall at 200 kmph really puts things in perspective. The only thing I remember thinking while falling was that my fingers were freezing. At least it wasn’t fear that the instructors chute wouldn’t open or he would have a heart attack while on my back!

Here are some pics from my experience….









“FUN” Friday




I have always wanted to go on an African Safari. I made it a goal for my 30th birthday to get there and it didn’t happen. Boo! Although, it seems a bit harder to go at this point in my life I have hopes that someday I will make it there. I want to see all those amazing animals roaming freely in their habitat.


Photo Source: Unknown

Speaking of amazing animals… and in honour of World Penguin Day (which is today)…

I had the opportunity to see some when I visited New Zealand in 2006. We took a tour to the Otago Peninsula and got to see yellow eyed penguins, sea lions, seals, sheep and albatross all in the same day. You could get so close to the sea lions. They are beautiful, massive creatures and a bit scary at times when they open their mouth!

wildlife NZ collage

I could have watched the penguins all day. They were roaming around the field with the sheep and down to the beach. There was a particular couple I had my eyes on though. They were expecting and the male was constantly carrying things up to the nest to make it more comfortable for his little lady. He would not leave her side. It was amazing to watch. Here are some of my pictures. If you get the chance to go, we went with Elm Wildlife Tours.









“FUN” Friday



One of my dream jobs would be to be an Archaeologist. There’s just something about the mystery of what you may find. The history involved is incredible and the stories connected with the “finds” must be so fascinating. I am sure it is “back breaking” work. When I traveled to England, I had heard there may have been a way to join a dig for a day but unfortunately, it never worked out. If I ever hear of anything around here- I am definitely going to try it out.

The closet thing I have ever done to digging something up (beside matchbox cars in the sandbox) was  digging for gold in New Zealand. It wasn’t an “authentic” gold dig but it was fun and I got my little vial of gold flakes to prove it. I did it in the  little town of Ross. It is located in the Westland District on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

gold digging



gold digging2

“FUN” Friday



This may seem a bit weird but I have always wanted to be a “cartoon voice”. I think this would be so fun!  No, I can’t sing or anything like that but I do have a bit of a high pitched squeal-y voice. I think it would be so awesome to see a cartoon on a big screen that sounds like me. I think my girls would probably love this as well! I pretty much figure that Disney will not be calling me out of the blue but it’s a good one for my bucket list… If anyone knows of a little “voiceless” cartoon in need… give me a shout!!!

Even though I have no cartoon character to give a voice too, I have had a few cartoon caricatures made of me! My sister-in-law is of great talent and has did a few for me in the past. She is so awesome! Here are my cartoons.

Cartoon Tina

Cartoon Tina

George & I- Our Wedding

George & I- Our Wedding

“FUN” Friday



I am a colour girl. I LOVE anything bright. It just makes me happy. I feel so inspired when surrounded by all things bright. That is why I want to go to the

Holi Festival– India

Holi is a spring festival full of singing and dancing. It is also known as the festival of colours and the festival of love. What more needs to be said? This sounds like my kind of festival. Maybe someday, I will get to experience it but for now it’s on my bucket list! I think it looks amazing…


Photo Credit:

Although, I may not get to India anytime soon I did participate in a smaller size “colour celebration” last year. As a family we did The Color Run. I know it’s not near the same as a festival but it was a good morning out with my little family. We had fun together and my toddler almost walked the whole 5K herself. She was a bit scared of the colour throwing at first but got in the game about 1/2 way through. Fun fun!!

August 2013

August 2013




I adore donkeys! I don’t know what it is about them but I “LOVE” them. I think they are adorable, fun and they have been a part of some memorable times in my life. I don’t own any, although at one point in my life I thought it would be pretty cool to have a donkey farm. Maybe it’s the fact that they are a bit like me… STUBBORN. We have something in common.

My bucket list item for today is… to volunteer at a donkey sanctuary. It just so happens I have been to two of them. In 2009, I ended up going on a girl’s trip (kind of last minute) to Aruba. We all did some research and tried to fit in something that someone wanted to see or do while we were there. I discovered that they had a donkey sanctuary in Aruba and that is where I wanted to go. So, one day we rented jeeps and drove everywhere. We finally found the sanctuary but unfortunately it was closed for the day 😦  The donkeys, however were out so we got to have a little interaction with them on the other side of the fence. Yes, I was disappointed as I  would have liked to go in and talk to someone but it just didn’t happen. I was happy to give a little love from the other side…    and

donkey aru2donkey aru4

donkey aru3donkey aru1

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba– March 12, 2009

Last year, while trying to find something to do with the kiddies, I discovered that we had a Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. How did I not know about this?! To make it even crazier, it is only about a 1 hour drive from me! I can’t believe I didn’t see/hear about this place. As soon as I saw it, I knew that’s where we would go…and we did! I loved it. We had a great afternoon learning about all the donkeys and their stories. It is a beautiful working farm. We discovered they also have volunteer days where you can go and help out with the donkeys.

As soon as my girls get a little bit bigger, I plan on crossing this off my bucket list (maybe a few times). I think it would be good to volunteer every year so I can get a few cuddles in as well.

donkey can2donkey can1

donkey can3

donkey can5Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

May 19, 2013


“FUN” Friday- Donkeys Donkeys