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Menu Plan Monday


Menu Plan Monday logo

August 18 – 24th


Monday- Teriyaki Stir-fry / Rice

Tuesday- Meat & Veggie Pasties / Salad

WednesdayAlice Springs Chicken / Roast Potatoes / Green Beans

Thursday- Leftovers

Friday- Mini Meatball Minestrone Salad / Fresh Bread

Saturday- Out for Dinner

Sunday- Hamburger Vegetable Soup / Garlic Bread


Throwback Thursday


For today’s Throwback Thursday, I am going back quite far.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure how far as I only had a tiny photo with no date on it. I apologize for the “fuzziness” but like I said- it really is a small photo! I tried to enlarge the best I know how. It is of my Nanny and Gramps.

They look amazing, don’t they?

nan & gramps- TT


Tuesday Tidbit


Craft Time!

I know I haven’t been posting as much in the last few weeks.

I have been focusing more on my “to-do” lists for back to school, organizing, planning, shopping and trying to spend time with my “baby” whom will be starting school in a few short weeks. The other day we did such a cute craft that I had to share. It hardly took any time at all and the kids were excited about their “new friends” 🙂

My little neighbour came by to join us and her older brother was a second pair of helping hands so it turned out so well. You can find the instructions for these cute clothespin fairies or superhero’s at Wildflower Ramblings.

Here are our little friends ❤

TT- clothespin fairies

Menu Plan Monday


Menu Plan Monday logo

August 11 – 17th


Monday- Homemade Pita Pizzas

Tuesday- In-N-Out Burgers (repeat) / Macaroni Salad / Veggie Stix / Hummus

Wednesday Turkey Ranch Club / Salad

Thursday- Chicken Wild Rice Soup / Garlic Stix

Friday- Out for Dinner!

Saturday- Breaded Fish / Tartar Sauce / Homemade Fries / Carrots

Sunday- Out for Dinner! I’m bringing Warm Pizza Dip

Menu Plan Monday


Menu Plan Monday logo

August 4 – 10th


Monday– Out For Dinner- Yay!

Tuesday– BLT Wraps / Salad

Wednesday Vegetable Lo Mein

Thursday- BLT Caesar Pasta Salad / Garlic Bread

Friday Oven Baked Cod / Oven Fries / Coleslaw

Saturday Rainbow Veggie Hashbrowns / Sausages / Edamame

Sunday Foil Pack Chicken and Broccoli / Wild Rice

Menu Plan Monday


Menu Plan Monday logo

July 28August 3rd


MondaySpaghetti and Marinara Sauce (link near bottom of page) / Salad

Tuesday– Leftovers

Wednesday– Turkey Pesto Crepes / Veggie Stix / Hummus

Thursday- Homemade Fish Sticks / Fries / Peas

Friday In-and-Out Burger / Macaroni Salad / Veggie Stix

Saturday Leftovers

Sunday– Crockpot Pesto Ranch Chicken / Rice / Mixed Veggies

Menu Plan Monday


Menu Plan Monday logo

July 21-27th


Monday– Pumpkin Graham Waffles with Choc. Chips / Apple Slices

Tuesday– Crockpot Roast Beef / Potatoes / Carrots

Wednesday– Leftovers

Thursday- Tuna Burgers / Veggie Stix & Hummus

Friday Chicken Fajitas / Salad

Saturday Cowboy Bean Stew / Biscuits

Sunday– Garlic Ranch Chicken Pizza / Salad


Menu Plan Monday


Menu Plan Monday logo

July 14-20th


MondayChili / Garlic Breadsticks / Veggie Stix

Tuesday– Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs / Rice / Carrots

Wednesday– Leftovers

Thursday- Balsamic Garlic Pork Tenderloin / Sweet Potato Fries / Mixed Veggies

Friday Bruschetta Chicken Skillet / Peas / Roasted Potatoes

Saturday Homemade Pizza /Salad

SundayMac & Cheese (Dairy Free) / Sausages


Throwback Thursday


I am only going back two weeks! Is that far enough? It has been a zoo around here and I am now just getting to some of my photos! Two weeks ago- my baby graduated Pre-School. It was a fun morning and I am thankful to my family for showing up and making her feel so important 🙂 She was very excited to have all of us there.

It’s still sinking in that she will not be with me everyday come September. She has been at my side for the past 4 years. I am going to take this hard. She is ready. She is excited. I am not. I can’t stand the thought of not having her by my side. It’s going to be a hard one for me. My eyes are welling up as I write this. As much as you want them to grow up happy, making friends, learning independence, being challenged- how do you let them go? You have to place so much trust in the “new circle” of people that they will be with everyday and you really don’t even know them- the teachers, the bus drivers, even the friends parents. I know every parent has went through this but she is my first. I have not went through this and it scares me. I know we will adjust in time but right now, it’s the great unknown…

Here are a couple of pics from September 2013- her first day of Pre-School 🙂

zoe preschool grad- 2013 TT-2 zoe preschool grad- 2013 TT



And here is a collage from two weeks ago as she graduated Pre- School ❤

zoe preschool grad

Tuesday Tidbit- Art Show


Having two little kids, sometimes has us missing out on things. It makes you feel bad but as mom’s and dad’s, we know what we have to do and just do it. I had to miss my niece’s highschool graduation, mainly because of the time. The munchkin’s were heading to bed at the start of the ceremony. I wished I could have been there to see her get her diploma as well as receive two awards. Way to go Darion! So proud of you…

However, I did get to support her another way. At the end of the school year, her art class put on an art show and each student picked 5 pieces of their art to display. It was a great evening, seeing how much talent she/they (the other students) possess. I wish her nothing but the best as she follows her dreams and desires. I really look forward to seeing more of her creative pieces as time goes on.

darion art show