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Throwback Thursday


For today’s Throwback Thursday, I am going back quite far.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure how far as I only had a tiny photo with no date on it. I apologize for the “fuzziness” but like I said- it really is a small photo! I tried to enlarge the best I know how. It is of my Nanny and Gramps.

They look amazing, don’t they?

nan & gramps- TT



Happy Anniversary!


A big

“Happy Anniversary”

goes out to my Mom and Dad.

46 Years ago today, they tied the knot.

Wishing you a wonderful day to reflect and celebrate your joys, your lives together, your love and your happiness.

We love you with all our hearts and wish for only the best as you continue your path together.

xoxox ❤

April 2013 wedding wedding2 Wedding Day #2- July 6,1967 Wedding Day- July 6,1968 copy wedding party-revised

“FUN” Friday



I have always wanted to go Whale Watching!

I am not too good on boats but it won’t stop me. There are some pretty amazing things to see on in the open ocean. Being in Canada, we have some amazing choices for Whale Watching. Check these articles out here and here. I don’t live somewhere where I can just go see them. I would have to leave the province but I am okay with that. I will do this… I know it!


Source: Shutterstock.com

I am not a very good swimmer. I can get by. I took lessons and learned how to swim but I don’t go too far from shore. I did almost drown in Mexico. I got caught in an undertoe and I will never forget the feeling of helplessness. I could feel the sand give way underneath my feet and I remember opening my eyes and all I could see was swirling sand. Fortunately, I got a break and could feel the sand underneath for a brief second and I got up. My friend’s boyfriend was already out to get me as he was a lifeguard and seen what happened. I got lucky that day.

So, when it comes to water activities I feel a bit skeptical and afraid but I have also had some amazing experiences just from going out of my comfort zone. This next story is one of them. I will never forget it. It was AMAZING! When George and I were on our honeymoon in New Zealand in 2006, we had a chance to take a boat tour (not one of my favourite things) and swim with the dolphins in Kaikoura. I could not pass this up! I love dolphins. George opted out (he’s not a strong swimmer either). I was so excited to do this until the day came and then the scary thoughts started happening. I won’t swim somewhere where I can’t see or touch the bottom but I am going to be in the middle of the ocean, who knows how deep? See where my train of thought was going? I was beginning to doubt myself and if I could actually do it. I had to wear a snorkel which I was not very good at and I didn’t know if I would be able to swim that much. It was a scary thing for me.

I did it though! We found a huge pod of dolphins and we pretty much jumped in the middle of them. They were swimming all around us. I remember the guide telling us to hum while in the water because they like that. I liked that! It kept my mind off of what I was so afraid of and enjoyed the whole thing. I even had a dolphin swim right in front of my face. I could have easily touched it but they told us to respect them as that was their environment and we shouldn’t do it. They are very fast! I had a fantastic time. I couldn’t keep up so good but I was proud that I didn’t drown and now I get to say I swam with the dolphins in the wide open ocean!


Trying to appear calm before jumping into the great big ocean

Trying to appear calm before jumping into the great big ocean

Can't back out now!

Can’t back out now!

Trying to keep up!

Trying to keep up!

We have dolphins!

We have dolphins!

Look at the beautiful scenery...

Look at the beautiful scenery…

And then a different look for the scenery...amazing!

And then a different look for the scenery…amazing!

This was my favourite shot. I took it once i got back on the boat to watch them swim away from us. Beautiful!

This was my favourite shot. I took it once i got back on the boat to watch them swim away from us. Beautiful!

Tuesday Tidbit


Happy 8th Anniversary to my G!

It’s been a busy 8 years, let’s see…

met at work, dated 6 months, went to Italy, bought a house, got engaged, got married, went to New Zealand, got a cat, got a dog, both of us quit a job, both of us got a new job, had a baby girl, had a second baby girl and now our family is complete. We are enjoying life with munchkins’ and look forward to the future. Love you G ❤ Tina xoxo

wedding anniversary

Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there!

I would like to send some extra special love to the dad’s in my life xo

To my big brother, Rob: You are a great dad, and I am so thankful for my niece and nephew. They are outstanding young adults and a blessing to have in my life.

To my George: I Love You and Thank You for being a great Dad and loving us with all your heart ❤

To my Dad: I can’t ever say enough thanks for all you have taught me (or tried to teach me ;), for all the times you have helped me/us and continue to help but most importantly how you have loved me. I am truly blessed to have you as my Dad. Love you xoxo

father's day collage



Throwback Thursday


I have no idea when this photo was taken! It is of my mom, my two brothers and I. Staying in the theme of Dad’s, I wanted to post this. My Dad has always been a huge provider to our family and he still is to this day. He helps us whenever we need it and for that, we are all very grateful and very thankful. So Dad, from all of us… THANK YOU! xoxo


mom and us


It’s a Special Day!


It’s my Mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! I can’t ever thank you enough for what you do for me, for us. Thank you for always being there, believing in me, encouraging me, supporting me, loving me. I will be forever grateful and appreciative that you were chosen to be my Mom. I am a lucky girl. I Love You with all my heart. xoxo Tina

I Love You Mom

You brighten up my life,
With tender love and care,
When I reach out
You’re always there.You’re someone I can count on,
When I need a helping hand,
You’re warm and loving,
You always understand.

I’m so thankful to have
A mom like you,
There is no other,
Who could fill your shoes.

I always took for granted,
That you were there for me,
And all the things you did,
But now I see.

You’re such a good example,
Of what a mom should be,
We always get along so well,
Even when we disagree.

You’re so patient,
And understanding;
You don’t ask for anything,
You’re outstanding.

You’re so quick to give,
And such a joy to be around,
You’re such a good person,
You deserve a special crown.

You have a good heart,
You’re honest and true,
You’re the best mother,
And I really love you.

– © Lyndsey Romjue

Happy Birthday Mom! Collage

Throwback Thursday


UPDATE: Oh Lord! See how frazzled I am! I just realized tonight that I posted this Throwback Thursday on a Friday. Good Lord, I think I am losing my mind. “FUN” Friday will return next week. Sorry for the confusion.

I’m back! I apologize for not posting so much the last week or two! It has been nutso around here. We had some holidays, too many appointments and the kids have been driving me absolute bonkers! I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather or what but wow! I feel like I’m gonna rip my hair out… I hope it changes soon… they are tiring me out!

I’m not going back too far for this one but it is adorable. Last September, we attended a fundraiser event and they had a school bus there that the kids could get on and sit in the seats. Zoë was ecstatic to try it out… she didn’t want to get off.

Jump ahead 8 months and we just wrapped up a few “kindy” classes for her. She got to tour and play in her soon-to-be classroom, meet her classmates etc. and the last one she got to ride on the school bus around the block. Imagine her delight! Her face shows it all… pure joy and excitement. Kids are the best. It doesn’t take a lot to please them and the happiness in her face is so refreshing to me. Let’s hope it remains when she realizes I can’t go on the bus with her as well as go to school with her. I have been prepping her but we’ll see…

Bus Collage

Wicked Wednesday


Today is a bit of a different “Wicked Wednesday”. It is not a special edition (referring to a musical-type post). I had a very happy morning. My little lady is in pre-school right now and she will be starting full-time school in the fall. I had the opportunity to attend her “Mother’s Day Tea” in the classroom today along with my mom. It was MY first one.

I didn’t tell her that I would be coming early with her Nana to have snacks and iced tea. She was so excited to see us.  She presented me with a homemade card and a little plant (flowers that they had been growing in class for a little while now) and a big hug. She even said “Happy Mother’s Day”! It was so cute.

When we returned home, as I was making lunch, I got even more kisses and more “Happy Mother’s Day” greetings. She doesn’t quite get it yet but I will take it! She seems so grown-up all of a sudden and she is only 3. Love her to bits xoxo

Mother's Day Tea Collage