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Throwback Thursday


I am only going back two weeks! Is that far enough? It has been a zoo around here and I am now just getting to some of my photos! Two weeks ago- my baby graduated Pre-School. It was a fun morning and I am thankful to my family for showing up and making her feel so important ūüôā She was very excited to have all of us there.

It’s still sinking in that she will not be with me everyday come September. She has been at my side for the past 4 years. I am going to take this hard. She is ready. She is excited. I am not. I can’t stand the thought of not having her by my side. It’s going to be a hard one for me. My eyes are welling up as I¬†write this. As much as you want them to grow up happy, making friends, learning independence, being challenged- how do you let them go? You have to place so much trust in the “new circle” of people that they will be with everyday¬†and you really don’t even know them- the teachers, the bus drivers, even the friends parents. I know every parent has went through this but she is my first. I have not went through this and it scares me. I know we will adjust in time but right now, it’s the great unknown…

Here are a couple of pics from September 2013- her first day of Pre-School ūüôā

zoe preschool grad- 2013 TT-2 zoe preschool grad- 2013 TT



And here is a collage from two weeks ago as she graduated Pre- School ‚̧

zoe preschool grad


Wicked Wednesday


For my Wicked Wednesday today, we celebrate Dad’s.

My oldest had her pre-school class this morning and she got to bring her Papa and Daddy in for a Father’s Day breakfast. She was very excited and didn’t want them to leave once it was finished. She made her Daddy a special card with a dinosaur cut-out and a #1 Dad cut-out as well as a coloured picture with a Dad poem. She was so excited to give it to him and then when the time came, she was so shy. Fun was had by all. I captured a few pics before they went into the school and my husband was good to get a few while they were there. I want to enjoy all these moments… they grow so quickly.

Fathers Day Collage

Throwback Thursday


UPDATE: Oh Lord! See how frazzled I am! I just realized tonight that I posted this Throwback Thursday on a Friday. Good Lord, I think I am losing my mind. “FUN” Friday will return next week. Sorry for the confusion.

I’m back! I apologize for not posting so much the last week or two! It has been nutso¬†around here. We had some holidays, too many appointments and the kids have been driving me absolute bonkers! I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather or what but wow! I feel like I’m gonna rip my hair out… I hope it changes soon… they are tiring me out!

I’m not going back too far for this one but it is adorable. Last September,¬†we attended a fundraiser event and they had a school bus there that the kids could get on and sit in the seats. Zo√ę was ecstatic to try it out… she didn’t want to get off.

Jump ahead 8 months and we just wrapped up a few “kindy” classes for her. She got to tour and play in her soon-to-be classroom, meet her classmates etc. and the last one she got to ride on the school bus around the block. Imagine her delight! Her face shows it all… pure joy¬†and excitement. Kids are the best. It doesn’t take a lot to please them and the happiness¬†in her face is so refreshing to me. Let’s hope it remains when she realizes I can’t go on the bus with her as well as go to school with her. I have been prepping her but we’ll see…

Bus Collage

Wicked Wednesday


Today is a bit of a different “Wicked Wednesday”. It is not a special edition (referring to a musical-type post). I had a very happy morning. My little lady is in pre-school right now and she will be starting full-time school in the fall. I had the opportunity to attend her “Mother’s Day Tea” in the classroom today along with my mom. It was MY first one.

I didn’t tell her that I would be coming early with her Nana to have snacks and iced tea. She was so excited to see us. ¬†She presented me with a homemade card and a little plant (flowers that they had been growing in class for a little while now) and a big hug. She even said “Happy Mother’s Day”! It was so cute.

When we returned home, as I was making lunch, I got even more kisses and more “Happy Mother’s Day” greetings. She doesn’t quite get it yet but I will take it! She seems so grown-up all of a sudden and she is only 3. Love her to bits xoxo

Mother's Day Tea Collage