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Tuesday Tidbit


Last year, I was determined to get rid of all my cooking magazines and loose papers. I came across this idea on Pinterest and LOVE it!

I took a cheap cardboard magazine holder and covered it in scrapbook paper. I did the same with the tabs and labelled different catagories. Now, all of my recipes that I would “like to try” are in one spot and catagorized when I’m looking for something specific. It cleans up a lot of paper junk. It gets tucked back on my shelf where I can get to it when I want.

I did all the crafting for it while watching t.v at night when the kids were in bed (which is when I get to do “my stuff”). Crafty projects make me happy and I feel good when things get a little bit more organized.

Here is the link if anyone wants to give it a go!




Happy Crafting xo