Wicked Wednesday… Special Edition


It’s funny… when we are younger we just think about what’s going on for the next night or the weekend. There is no worries. We go to work, go out after work with friends and repeat. We have friends that we may see once in awhile or hang with one’s we have had for a long time.

I come from a small town. We were always going to the city “next door” to go out. The city was not a big one but it had enough bars for us to go back and forth to. You would always run into someone you knew and would never have to worry about losing your friends as there was always someone else to hang out with until you found them again. When you go out that much, it’s almost like you are friends with everyone because you see the same people every single weekend. Of course, we don’t know them all personally but you know them enough to give them a nod in passing or a quick hello.

We don’t tend to think too far into the future when it come’s to how everyone’s life is going to turn out. What kind of job will they end up in? Where will they live? Will you stay in touch?

Now that I am older and we have so many social media outlets, it’s definitely easier to get in touch or stay in touch with those we used to know. The next person (Greg) is one of those people from my past. We went to school together. He was a little younger than I. His sister was one grade ahead of me. We didn’t hang out in the school years but we would often meet up in the bar crowds.

Greg has went on to pursue a music career. He is a singer/songwriter and is pretty amazing. I feel so happy for people like him because being any kind of artist is a hard deal. They inspire me with their dedication and drive to do what they love. It’s not an easy way to live. I’m sure between studio, touring, promoting etc.  it get’s pretty gruesome at times. I can’t imagine. I would never be able to do that kind of thing (I’m too shy), so I have even more respect for those that can get out there and pour their heart and soul out in front so many people.

My musical inspiration for today is Greg Ball. I haven’t had the opportunity to see him perform live yet but he has been with me on roadtrips and while doing my housecleaning… hee hee. I missed out seeing him last year but the next time he comes to town, I will be there. It would be nice to reunite- it’s been a very long time. Please check him out and support his music. You will love it!

This picture was taken a long time ago… good times (he’s on the left!)!

greg ball


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