“FUN” Friday




I have always wanted to go on an African Safari. I made it a goal for my 30th birthday to get there and it didn’t happen. Boo! Although, it seems a bit harder to go at this point in my life I have hopes that someday I will make it there. I want to see all those amazing animals roaming freely in their habitat.


Photo Source: Unknown

Speaking of amazing animals… and in honour of World Penguin Day (which is today)…

I had the opportunity to see some when I visited New Zealand in 2006. We took a tour to the Otago Peninsula and got to see yellow eyed penguins, sea lions, seals, sheep and albatross all in the same day. You could get so close to the sea lions. They are beautiful, massive creatures and a bit scary at times when they open their mouth!

wildlife NZ collage

I could have watched the penguins all day. They were roaming around the field with the sheep and down to the beach. There was a particular couple I had my eyes on though. They were expecting and the male was constantly carrying things up to the nest to make it more comfortable for his little lady. He would not leave her side. It was amazing to watch. Here are some of my pictures. If you get the chance to go, we went with Elm Wildlife Tours.










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